Carey Blyton – The Guitar Music – The Hand/Dupré Duo


Catalogue no. ASPCD 203

Nephew of Enid Blyton and Benjamin Britten’s personal editor, this CD reflects his life long love of the guitar….” constant delight throughout – it should appeal to a wide range of music lovers” Musical Opinion 1996.

(Total Time 78.43)

1-4 Bach-chat for Two Guitars – Patterns
5 In Memoriam Scott Fitzgerald
6-8 In
Memoriam Django Reinhardt

9 Saxe Blue
12 Pantomime
13 Water Garden
14 Koto Music
15 Yugen
16-21 Pastiches
22 For the Delight of Shiva
23 The Bream
24-31 The Oceans of the Moon

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