Film Production Music by Heinz Herschmann


Catalogue no. ASPCD 205

Various Orchestra / Artists including London Symphony Orchestra

It will not come as a surprise to learn that Heinz Herschmann is a firm adherent of tonality and traditional formal structures and believes in the gradual evolution of the musical vocabulary.

The composer has written a great deal of library and film music combining artistic integrity with the requirements of the commission. The idea of writing to order and/or for special occasions and purposes has always held a special attraction to him, and some of his most successful pieces were written to order. “The Galleon”, requested by Boosy & Hawkes as background music for films and television programmes with a maritime content, was a great success in the fifties and sixties, and was followed by other compositions with different programmatic ideas such as “Majestic Interlude”, “Solemn Dignity”, “Palaver”, Anecdote” etc.


1 Fugue
2 Mysterioso
3 Dynamic Acitivation
4 The Galleon
5 Desolation
6 Anecdote
7 Stress & Strain
8 Spectacular
9 Palaver
10 Majestic Interlude
11 Gyroscope
12 Tragic
13 Travelogue
14 Agile
15 Convention
16 General Alarm
17 Vista Vision
18 Harangue
19 Short Cake
20 Aggression
21 Seventeen Chords
22 Quiet Contemplation
23 The Grand Tour
24 Generators
25 Solemn Dignity
26 Appetizer
27 Bird’s Eye View
28 Stroboscope
29 Just A Trifle
30 Changing Cities

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