International Concert Music


Catalogue no. ASPCD 211

Ljubliana Symphony Orchestra conducted by Samo Hubad

We are pleased to announce a third album of Concert Music, but whereas the first two featured on individual composer, this selection contains contributions by different nationals. The items in the compilation range from short very melodious pieces to larger works written in a more modern idiom, but still adhering to the concept of tonality.

Once more we are fortunate to have as performers the members of the RTV Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra under their conductor Samo Hubad. Their interpretive and technical skills come as near to perfection as possible, and therefor present these compositions in the best light possible.

The well known composer-violinist Remo Lauricella is represented by two works in contrasting style and content. Boliviana is the opening title of this CD. In his performing career, the composer has been a member of many orchestras in several parts of the world and spent a considerable time as leader of various South American ensembles. This work provides a splendid example of a “serious” composer’s re-interpretation of Latin American dance rhythms. It has been a firm favorite of audiences everywhere. Its brilliant orchestral effects and thematic variety demonstrate that a great creator can make the most of small forms.

(Total Time 68..33)

The sample of music available is from track 5 – Annette et Moi

1 Bolivian – Remo Lauricella
2 Polish Girl – Richard Kilian
3-6 Suite
Provencale – Claude Carrasu

7 Rhapsody for Piano & Orchestra – Kenneth Baden Jones
8-12 Forest Impressions – John Barton-Armstrong
13 Obertas – Richard Frank
14-20 Nobody Knows – Armin Schibler
21 Londinium – Remo Lauricella
22 Schertettino – Marjan Vodopivec

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