Radio Vision One – Various Artists


Catalogue no. ASPCD 237

On this CD we are proud to present a selection of the music used on Radio and Television between the mid 60’s and 70’s. You can hear the items used on National radio, as interlude music for example when rain stopped play during the cricket coverage, Test Match Special, or prior to the nightly Shipping forecasts, or even as ‘featured’ music in programmes such as Mid Morning Melody.

We also present some of the music originally used on BBC Local radio together with many items from televisions CEEFAX In Vision. A selection of fine music from composers from both theContinent and the UK.

1 Big City Walk (George Hermann and his Orchestra)
2 Dr. Watson’s Vision (Dolf Van Der Linden and his Orchestra)
3 he Artful Dodger (Orchestra Raphaele)
4 Your Perfume (Dolf Van Der Linden and his Orchestra)
5 You’re In My Heart (The Bavarian Players)
6 Yesterday On The Champs Elysees (The Karas-Hildinger Orchestra and Chorus)
7 Here In A Smokey Room (The Otto Keller Band)
8 Morning Call (Orchestra Raphaele)
9 Lyric Moon (Hans Hatter and his Orchestra)
10 Starlight Hours (Howard Hawks and his Music)
11 Blue Lady (John Wallis and his Band)
12 Mon Ami, Mon Amour (Jack Wolfe and his Orchestra)
13 Café Brazilliana (The Piano Quartet)
14 Ce Soir (The Karas-Hildinger Orchestra and Chorus)br />
15 olyn (Harry Howard and his Music)
17 Mixed Up Mazurka (John Wolfe and his Music)
18 Hasta La Vista (Jack’s New Music Group)
19 Skyline Concerto (Orchestra Raphaele)
20 Dancing in Bavaria (The Bavarian Players)
21 Velvet Moon (Chuck Freeman and his Players)
22 For Fiddlers Only (Carlos Diernhammer and his Orchestra)

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