Test Card Music Volume 1


Catalogue no. ASPCD 206

The amazing resurgence of interest in ‘Test Card’ music is, on reflection, not surprising as the music remains a benchmark of musical quality. It is therefore ironic in some ways that the restrictions imposed by the Musician’s Union in England should prompt such a remarkable period of music production. At the time (1955-1985), it was not practicable for the BBC to play popular, commercially available recordings during test card transmissions. However, a great deal of music was required for playing during these long hours. The only criterion was the pieces were submitted for use, was quality.
The variety of style and content that fell under the umbrella of ‘Test Card Music’ was enormous with a multitude of composers from various countries and cultures contributing to this repertoire.

On this CD, the artists include Simon Gale and his Music, John Fox and his Orchestra, The Polish Radio Orchestra, Joze Privsek and his Music, The Budapest Radio Orchestra, The Franz Thon Big Band.

(Total Time: 63.11)

1 Flying over San Jose – Simon Gale & His Music
2 The Girl I love – John Fox & His Orchestra
3 Now or Never – Polish Radio Orchestra
4 Pondering – Polish Radio Orchestra
5 Look Out – Simon Gale & His Music
6 Up and Up – Joze Privsek and His Music
7 February – Budapest Radio Orchestra
8 Tropicana – Budapest Radio Orchestra
9 Canzona D’Amore – Simon Gale & His Music
10 My Fate and You – Jure Robeznik & His Music
11 The Lights of Hong Kong – Budapest Radio Orchestra
12 When you Smile – Lem Arcon & His Orchestra
13 Better Luck Next Time – Polish Radio Orchestra
14 Golbuchick – Franz Thon Big Band
15 Janice In Wonderland – Budapest Radio Orchestra
16 So Lovingly – John Fox & His Orchestra
17 Enjoy Yourself – Polish Radio Orchestra
18 My Dear Cousin Julia – Simon Gale & His Music
19 Danger – Polish Radio Orchestra
20 There will Be Another Day – Polish Radio Orchestra

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