Test Card Music Volume 10


Catalogue no. ASPCD 236

Various Artists

It’s some time since our last release in this series ( Volume 9 ) and for a while we have been promising something special for Volume 10. So here it is, a selection of music spanning just on 30 years of BBC transmissions from the early 60s to the early 80s, presented in approximate date order, many selections in their original broadcast sequence.

As in the past, the importance of making this music available for all to enjoy has resulted in a mixture of both Mono and Stereo recordings. We are once again indebted to all those people who have given so much time to research this subject.

For the first time we feature, by popular request, an item of Classical Music which, as far as we know, is receiving its first commercial release.

So, we hope you will enjoy the experience of travelling in time over three decades of varied and excellent music.

1 ORGAN GRINDER (Orchestra Raphaele)
2 HORA (Orchestra Raphaele)
3 GIRLINE (Orchestra Raphaele)
4 SCARAMUCCIA (Orchestra Raphaele)
5 NIKOLASHKA (Orchestra Raphaele)
6 PIZZI PIZZI (Armand Bernard & his Orchestra)
7 GOODNIGHT MADAMOISELLE (Armand & his Orchestra)
8 COUNTRYWISE (Orchestra Raphaele)
9 LONELY JOURNEY Orchestra :Raphaele)
10 WELOCOME WAIKIKI (Kiing Mauna & his New Sound)
11 The Lights of Hong Kong – Budapest Radio Orchestra
12 MINUET FOR STRING ORCHESTRA (Raphaele String Orchestra)
13 HOT LINE (The Voices of Jack Wolfe)
14 BOSSA NOVA IN THE MOONLIGHT (The Voices of Jack Wolfe)
15 POLKA ON THE ROCKS (The Cologne Studio Orchestra)
16 FIVE TO PLAY (The Cologne Studio Orchestra)
17 SHAKE IT DOWN (Swoboda & his Zither)
18 BAVARIAN RAMBLE (Antony Wood & his Orchestra)
19 RAINBOW ROOM (The Bobby Lee Orchestra)
20 WEST ONE (The William Gardner Orchestra)
21 GOO GOO EYES (The William Gardner Orchestra)
22 FILIGREE (George Hermann & his Orchestra)

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