Test Card Music Volume 2


Catalogue no. ASPCD 208

The second compilation from Apollo Sound features some of the best Test Card Music. These recordings, like many others, were originally prompted by the need for quality music to be used during the long hours of Test Card transmissions.

The resurgence of interest in Test Card Music is in large part due to the efforts of the Test Card Circle, a network of enthusiasts who appreciate and love this music for its intrinsic worth. Its founder Paul Sawtell writes “I have listened to BBC test card transmissions since the age of 4 and without doubt it was and continues to be a source of music which is not only very pleasant to listen to, but is a musical education in itself. Indeed I am privileged to have been a professional Musical Director and performer/composer since leaving college and without doubt I owe many of my own personal successes to listening to Test Card Music. And this CD, my friends, contains some of this wide ranging repertoire. Of course, there is always room for those who disagree about what is or is not ‘good music’. I would respectfully suggest the difference lies in our perception of what makes ‘good’ as opposed to what makes a sound which ‘we like personally’. Highly contentious stuff maybe, but food for though!”

The 25 tracks feature the contribution to this wonderfully varies music by German orchestras and bands including orchestras lead by Jeff Hasky, Ralph Boston, Georges Delagayes, Gus Brendel, amongst others.

(Total Time: 71.06)
1 Super Racing – Jeff Hasky Orchestra
2 Cavallino – Ralph Boston Sound Orchestra
3 Agent 808 – Frank Valdor’s Posaunen Band
4 The Band Is Joking – Sven Telvi Sound Band
5 That’s A Hard Job – Jeff Hasky Orchestra
6 Bossa Party – Orchestra George Delagaye
7 Light Dinner – Jeff Hasky Orchestra
8 Casino Melodie – Orchestra Gus Brendel
9 Golden River – Ralph Boston Sound Orchestra
10 Summer Sunny Holiday – Orchestra Gus Brendel
11 Tempo-Temp – Heribert Thusek’s Xylophonie
12 Relaxing – Orchestra Franco Taormina
13 Pretty Sally – Ralph Boston Sound Orchestra
14 Funky Trumpet – Orchestra Ralph Burger
15 Exquisite – Orchestra Gus Brendel
16 Girls Around – Ralph Boston Sound Orchestra
17 Mild and Mellow – Jeff Hasky Orchestra
18 San Diego Drive – Frank Valdor Posaunenband
19 Fete Du Pays – Musette-Ensemble Paul Termi
20 Baden Verbote – Frank Valdor’s Posaunenband
21 Days of Happiness – Ralph Boston Sound Orchestra
22 On Top of a Cloud – Delle Haensch Band
23 Footprints on the Beach – The Super Trombones
24 Circus Krone Galopp – Heribert Thusek’s Xylophonie
25 Skateboard Jump – Dave Perkins Orchestra

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