Test Card Music Volume 4


Catalogue no. ASPCD 215

Various Artists

As this title indicates, the music featured on this series of discs was originally used to accompany the BBC television testcard transmissions for use by broadcasters and the television industry. So memorable were many of the melodies that they are still remembered today by the many engineers who listened whilst maintaining the nation’s sets. In actual fact the music we feature in each volume is the work of a multitude of fine composers and musicians, being part of our musical heritage. Just what is this type of music, which is becoming more popular by the day? It is many things – melody with a wide range of style and tempo, ranging from light classical works to swing and is performed by anything from a small combo to a big band with impressive brass section or a full string orchestra!

Musical contrasts are considerable, for example East meets West when the distinctive USA feel of Miami Junction gives wat to the superb melody of Lied der Volga. Following the swinging big band number Pretty Margie we Rendezvous in Rio – an imaginative and descriptive peice for full orchestra. Features such luminaries of this genre including the Georges Delagaye Orchestra, The Dave Perkins Orchestra, Munchner Tanz Streich Quartet, Budapest Radio Orchestra, Simon Gale and His Music, amongst others performing original compositions/ arrangements in a variety of styles and tempos..

(Total Time:61’51”)

1 El Camino – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
2 A Girl’s Dream – Franco Taormina Ochestra
3 Skyline Waltz – Dave Perkins Orchestra
4 Soul Street – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
5 High Life – Franco Taormina Ochestra
6 Aphrodite – Munchner Tanz Streich Orchestra
7 Miami Junction – Franco Taormina Ochestra
8 Lied Der Volga – Werner Tauber Orchestra
9 Pretty Margie – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
10 Redezvous in Rio – Budapest Radio Orchestra
11 La Marguerita – Heribert Thusek’s Xylophonie
12 It’s Getting Late Natasha – Simon Gale & His Orchestra
13 Oldy Time – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
14 Dream In Purpur – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
15 Mexican Mood – Ulrich Sommerlatte Orchestra
16 My Home – Simon Gale Orchestra
17 Driving To Pasadena – Sven Telvi Sound Band
18 Sambuco – Ralph Burger Orchestra
19 Arietta Graziosa – Munchner Tanz Streich Orchestra
20 Madeleine – Musette Ensemble Paul Termi
21 Theme For Sunday – Franco Taormina Ochestra

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