Test Card Music Volume 5


Catalogue no. ASPCD 219

Various Artists

We are delighted to present Volume 5 of the Test Card Music (From the Archives). We also wish to acknowledge and extend our sincere thanks to the many people who have made such favourable comments on this series so far. Above all, great tribute must surely be paid to those who devote much time in researching this subject in very great detail, and without whose efforts, most of this unique material would be lost forever……

As usual, we have a wide selection on offer. Starting in the USA with Down to Carolina we are soon treated to the Tarantella beat in Sound Sicily. The Big Band style is demonstrated to good effect in Delta Wings. Providing yet more contrast, we experience a Mexican Summer…

(Total Time:62’22”)

1 Down To Carolina – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
2 Shaky Chair – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
3 Sound Of Sicily – Franco Taormina Orchestra
4 Come Along With Me – Joze Privsek and His Music
5 Boogie Cats – Delle Haensch Band
6 Anxiety – Polish Radio Orchestra
7 Delta Wings – Delle Haensch Band
8 Mexican Summer – Werner Tauber Orchestra
9 Trompeten Party – Roy Etzel & His Orchestra
10 Come Back In Sevilla – Franco Taormina Orchestra
11 The Green Valley of My Youth – Boris Kovacic & His Music
12 Sunny Beach – Budapest Radio Orchestra
13 Wonderful Smile – Sven Telvi Sound Band
14 Chicago Dixie – Delle Haensch Band
15 Cheeky Jane – Polish Radio Orchestra
16 Last Kiss – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
17 Good Old Days – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
18 Trompeten Festival – Roy Etzel & His Dance Orchestra
19 Golden Heart – Georges Delagaye Orchestra
20 Jane – Delle Haensch Band

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