Test Card Music Volume 7


Catalogue no. ASPCD 223

Various Artists

If you enjoyed Volume 6 in this long running series you will be certain to love this. Volume 7 features our usual balanced selection from the same publisher – plus more!!! Re-live yet again those Testcard memories from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with this great selection !!!. 22 tracks


1 Swing Cocktail – (George Hermann Orchestra)
2 Memo (William Gardner Orchestra)
3 Lough Leane (William Gardner Orchestra)
4 Sexagesimae Naningo (George Hermann Orchestra)
5 My Heart Cannot Forget (George Hermann Orchestra)
6 Swinging Spinet (Cliff Hammer & His Golden Spinet)
7 Mississippi Melody (Perry/Gardner Orchestra)
8 Morning Call (Orchestra Raphaele)
9 Close Crop (Hans Hatter Orchestra)
10 Fiddler’s Joy (George Hermann Orchestra)
11 Men From The Boys (Bobby Lee Orchestra)
12 Bric-A-Brac (The Richard Neilson Group)
13 Fake Three (Walt Peters Orchestra)
14 Kolibri (Frank ValdorÕs Posaunen Band)
15 Merry-Go Round Waltz (Perry/Gardner Orchestra)
16 Just You (Armand Bernard Orchestra)
17 Plain Sailing (William Gardner Orchestra)
18 Without A Clue (Andy Novello Orchestra)
19 Hand In Hand (Antony Wood Orchestra)
20 Highland Holiday (Antony Wood Orchestra
21 Sunset Melody (George Hermann Orchestra)
22 Le Cerf Et Les Ibis (In The Glade) (Armand Bernard Orchestra)

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