Test Card Music Volume 8


Catalogue no. ASPCD 228

Various Artists

When compiling these selections one has to bear in mind that some of the original recordings were made almost 40 years ago, when technically the world was a very different and some would say, a much simpler place ! The quality of original recordings can, of course vary considerably and we often debate the decision to issue certain pieces where the sound is slightly below our usual high standards or not available to us in stereo sound. We feel that it is important that these unique musical gems are available to all and at a reasonable quality and judging from the comments received regularly, this is appreciated by the majority of listeners, who otherwise may only have original off-air recordings made years ago, or perhaps just memories of a particular piece.

Volume 8 features a special bonus track You Are Mine, often used by BBC radio. Much Testcard music and similar pieces were used as interlude music, for example prior to the nightly shipping forecasts on Radio 4, or when rain stopped play during cricket on Radio 3. Other music was used in later years to accompany “pages from CEEFAX”. On future releases from Apollo Sound, we will be featuring some of this music. This bonus track is then an indication of “things to come”!

Our latest selection, starts with a rousing Big band number My Friends, after which Harvey Richard’s beautiful At Sundown shows off the incredible sound of the full string orchestra. L’Amour Est Grand features the talented solo piano playing of John Divela. A French flavour is well provided by Flowers For Yvette, featuring the accordion of course ! Santiago De Chile by Rudolph Maluck is featured in its original form as opposed to the somewhat shorter version which was actually transmitted during the 60’s. Rockin’ Strings is the first offering from William Gardner this time and is a wonderful example of a full string orchestra playing a disco style rhythm, with a very attractive melody. Good Night, a well known piece, is given the scat vocal treatment by Sam Fonteyn, perfectly performed by the Sound and the Voices.

We continue to display the talents of William Gardner to the full with Irish Imp whilst a strong theme is provided by the Spanish dance, Zambra Flamenca, from John Carmichael. Lovers of the Latin style are well served by Don Pedro and the very lively samba Machito. Sam Fonteyn returns with a real masterpiece for strings, Loose Cover and our special bonus track, indicating just some of the musical delights to come from Apollo Sound, completes the programme.

We again, thank all concerned for the many favourable comments received. While the interest in this unique style of music still continues to grow, it remains our aim to make as much as possible available for everyone to enjoy in this and forthcoming releases.


1 My Friends (The George Hermann Band)
2 At Sundown (The William Gardner Orchestra)
3 Tierpark Promenade (George Hermann & his Orchestra)
4 L’Amour Est Grande (Emerich Smola & his Orchestra)
5 Flowers for Yvette (George Hermann & his Orchestra)
6 Santiago De Chile (Orchestra Tropicana)
7 Rockin’ Strings (The William Gardner Orchestra)
8 Goodnight (The Sound and the Voices)
9 Fancy That (George Hermann & his Orchestra)
10 Rockin’ Chair (Hans Hatter & his Orchestra)
11 Irish Imp (Anthony Wood & his Orchestra)
12 Music in Mind (The William Gardner Orchestra)
13 Zambra Flamenca (Orchestra Raphaele)
14 Moon Over Altea (Andy Novello & his Orchestra)
15 In The Shade (Robbiani & his Music)
16 Ventuno (Munchner Tanz Steichorchester)
17 Talisman (Howard Hawks & his Orchestra)
18 Blue Train (Anthony Wood & his Orchestra)
19 Don Pedro Hans Hatter & his Orchestra)
20 Machito (Hans Hatter & his Orchestra)
21 Charley-O (The Bobby Lee Orchestra)
22 Loose Cover (The William Gardner Orchestra )
23 You Are Mine (The Karas-Hildinger Orchestra & Chorus)

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