The Mozart Lounge (Volume 2) – Various Artists


Catalogue no. ASPCD 232

Apollo Sound proudly presents the second in this series, featuring music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as featured on BBC Radio, BBC Ceefax, BBC tv
and local radio. Together with many tracks receiving a long deserved debut they were all originally published by ‘Mozart Edition’, – one of the most
highly respected music publishers. With contributions from the Franco Chiari Jazz Quartet, Guy Gollasch & His Band, Walters Big Band plus more, this series is designed to compliment our long running Testcard music collections. Loungecore at its finest !

19 Tracks.

Total Time: 50’06”
1 The Swingers: The Cliff Hammer Orchestra and Choir
2 Tampico: Franco Chiari Quartet
3 My Credentials: Walter
4 Alter Ego: Franco Chiari Quartet
5 Three Dogs: Franco Chiari Quartet
6 Curriculum: Franco Chiari Quartet
7 Street Waltz: The Sante Palumbo Group
8 Young People: The Guy Gollasch Group
9 Domino: Theo Schumann and his Music
10 Haute Couture: Raf Christiano Trio
11 Cold Steel: The Firebirds
12 Lonely Dreamer: The Cliffe Hammer Orchestra & Chorus
13 Big Deal: Pierre Cavalli’s Ensemble
14 Sunday’s Child: The Guy Gollasch Band
15 Bobbie’s Little Amazon: Bobby Gutesha & His Music
16 S for Sex: Peter Wolf & His Music
17 With You Alone: Wolf Baki
18 Soul City: The Golden Eight
19 Wind Tunnel: Walter’s Big Band

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