The Piano Music – The Cann Piano Duo / Richard Deering


Catalogue no. ASPCD 204

The 45 pieces on this CD cover a wide variety of styles for solo and piano duo which have a transluscent wit and immediacy which brings joy to the heart….. Carey Blyton¹s music is irresistible (Musical Opinion – 9.97)

(Total Time 74.23)

1 Sweet & Sour Rag
2-4 Three Impressions
5-10 Six Epigrams
11 Minuet For Octet
12 A Little Nocturne
13-15 Patterns For Piano
16-19 Pasticheries
19-23 Five Diversions
24 Eine Kleine Froschmusik
25 Park Lane Stroll
26 A Ghost From the Past
27 Captain Bowsprit’s Blues
28 The Sea-Dog’s Song
29 The Indian Coffee House Roof garden Orchestra Tango
31-41 Fun With Figures
42-44 Three Musical Mishaps
45 Ynes

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